it is they who
welcome and ensure the person
a beneficial relaxation.

Our raw materials


This soft vegetable fiber, with its excellent hygroscopic properties, ensures natural transpiration and an inimitable dry sensation on the skin in the hot season, to give total well-being and pleasure during rest.


Obtained from the horse's mane, it is elastic, resilient and offers excellent air exchange which ensures the body's freshness during sleep.


Made from natural rubber, latex is the most elastic, deformable and resilient natural material, for unsurpassed muscle-skeletal support. Emulsified in a foam, it becomes perfectly breathable, hygienic and hypoallergenic.


Appreciated in many areas for its properties, natural jute fiber offers good support and natural breathability, thanks to its ability to absorb moisture produced by the body.

Coconut fiber

The natural fiber obtained from coconut allows the mattress to breathe perfectly, ensuring complete air circulation.
The coconut sheet also has excellent resistance and very low loss of elasticity.


The wool fibers retain body heat ensuring a pleasant warmth in the winter season. Due to its natural properties, this material creates a dry microclimate that helps the body's thermoregulation.


Silk, obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm, is a noble and precious natural fiber.
Shiny, light, soft, thin, elastic and tear-resistant, with excellent hypoallergenic and insulating properties, it guarantees the freshness and preciousness of our collections.

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