Carraro takes care of the well-being of the person by creating
quality mattresses and accessories since 1946.

is the result
of skilful workmanship.

It comes from an idea, grows in natural materials, takes shape through a thousand treatments. The relevance of our beauty is having learned over time to give a soul to our creations and introduce expedients to improve ergonomics and optimize people's rest. True beauty is what makes you feel good, using high-performance materials and innovative craftsmanship capable of improving people's rest.

Because true beauty is feeling good.

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Latex structure with "airstream system" through holes for ideal transpiration, with seven differentiated zones that ensure optimal anti-stress ergonomics.

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The comfort and natural transpiration of coconut fiber and jute, the firmness of pocketed and differentiated springs: a perfect balance between innovation and nature.

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Pocket springs wrapped in cotton canvas: all the breath of nature, all the enveloping lightness of the night.

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A symphony of materials and processing performed by expert and competent hands to create an exclusive harmonious and breathable product.

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We have always enjoyed doing things well

Drawing on our
laboratory spirit,
and loving dedication
of our workers.

Even today, when automation is an aid in many phases of our work, it is the wise gaze
of man to ensure high quality results, to ensure that the external refinement of ours
mattresses are a mirror of their internal beauty.

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