it means reusing objects to create a higher quality product, real or perceived.

The new way of combining respect for the environment and attention to the well-being of the person

The earth is not a heritage
of our parents,
it's a loan of our children.

Our paddings contribute to the environmental sustainability and ensure maximum well-being for the person's rest. They come from existing raw materials, they are soft and breathable, they represent a new way of conceiving mattress air conditioning. They require much less impactful production processes, with lower energy consumption, limited waste production, reduction in water consumption and CO2 emissions.

Cash Feel
Cash feel

Soft, warm and breathable, Cash Feel preserves all the properties of virgin Cashmere. An exclusive padding coming from existing resources, a new way of conceiving mattress air conditioning, born from the enhancement of production waste from the fashion industry, such as new raw materials.


Nativa is the new “active thermal insulation” that allows air exchange for breathability and comfort in the most dynamic situations. Born in Italy from a discarded silk yarn, Nativa has the extraordinary ability to keep us cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Nativa consists of silky net fibers suitably blended with polypropylene fibers to reduce the specific weight of the final product and increase technical performance.