Latex structure with
"airstream system" through holes
for ideal transpiration, with seven
differentiated zones that ensure optimal
anti-stress ergonomics.

For those who want only the best
and are attentive to the value
of their choices.

For a strong and natural support, the structure in latex foam, with over 30% through holes Airstream System, combines the traditional qualities of latex with an even more effective breathability and ventilation, while the seven differentiated zones ensure an optimal and ergonomic support, eliminating stress and tension and progressively accompanies the body, dissolving any tension.

Latex structure

80% latex

20% latex of natural origin


The field has taken on the meaning of square in the toponymy in Venice.
At the time of the Serenissima in every field there was at least one well from which
drinking water could be drawn for domestic use. The Campiello is a smaller field,
as well as being the name of a famous literary prize whose awarding takes place in September
every year inside the courtyard of the Doge's Palace.